We specialize ourselves in 3 kinds of subject, namely:

1. Legal/Official Documents including:

Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Deed of Establishment, Articles of Association, Employment Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Cooperation Agreement, Joint Operation Agreement, University/School Diploma/Certificate (and other academic documents), Resident Identity Card (and other personal/nationality documents), Ministerial Regulation, Presidential Regulation, Ministerial Decision, Presidential Ministerial, Litigation, Arbitration, Court Decision, Intellectual Property Rights, Trade Mark, Patent, License, Insurance Policy, Power of Attorney, etc.

2. Technical/Engineering Documents such as:

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Environment Impact Statement (EIS), Environmental Monitoring Plan, Environmental Management Plan, Environmental Monitoring Effort/Scheme, Environmental Management Effort/Scheme, user manual, civil, marine, mechanical, and electrical engineering, aviation, feasibility study, product composition, label, standard operating procedures, etc.

3. Financial/Corporate Document including:

Financial statements, progress report, budget plan, financial notes, code of business conduct, company profile, training manual, proposal, merger, acquisition, brochures and leaflet, etc.

100% Acceptance Guarantee

We give 100% guarantee that our translation will be accepted for legalization, authentication, and certification at Indonesia’s Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other Indonesia government institutions, and various foreign embassies in Indonesia.

Confidentiality Undertaking

We understand the importance of confidentiality, especially in the course of business. Therefore, we undertake to maintain as confidential all information which we may acquire or become acquainted with as a result of, or arising in the course of, our appointment. We undertake not to divulge such information without express written/oral consent of client.